Andres Alvarado

Nature Photographer and Guide

Bio - Andres Alvarado

Spontaneous generation or genetic in heritage? Andy comes from a lineage of nature passionate. Ever heard of the discoverer of Penicillin and I don’t mean Fleming? (Read about him in Wikipedia in the "History" section)

Growing up in the tropical outdoors of Costa Rica, an intense love for nature rooted deeply in his heart. Been an honor student in his early public school years gets him a scholarship in a German school in Costa Rica, where he learns English and German to add to his mother tongue Spanish, and graduates from high school.
In order to explore nature as a lifestyle, he studies for a Bachelors degree in “Management of Natural Resources” from Costa Rican University (UNED) and entered the world of nature guiding where he has been sharing his passion with the visitors since 1995.

He has worked as film and photo assistant for several nature documentary productions for companies like Herzog TV-Film Productions, National Geographic, BBC, ZDF, ORF, CNN, where he has also been in front of the lens as well. As a Photographer, he has published articles and pictures in magazines, brochures, calendars, web sites and post cards.

As he loves nature, he loves adventure. He is a specialist consultant with background in emergency management; cave, white water, mountain and vertical rescue; wilderness first response, canopy research and eco-tour operations. He guides mountain climbing and adventure groups throughout the country and enjoys rafting, kayaking, rock and tree climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, caving and rappelling.